For the purpose of data management, '' complies with the data protection and data security provisions of the Competence and Coordination Office of the Swiss federal government and the Swiss cantons. The proprietary Level I Server infrastructure of '' is installed in the server room of Netjump GmbH, a Swiss service provider.The proprietary Level II Server infrastructure is located in a high security server room. Thanks to the proprietary hardware, '' is able to guarantee pure data storage in Switzerland!

Protection level I

The data is stored in a conventional server room. The server room is not certified but complies with the Tier III standard. Of course, all relevant server room components are up to date. Restricted access is ensured.

The data transfer with HyperBackup is performed via an SSL/TLS tunnel. Data transfer will be performed according to RSA2048 and AES256, if client encryption is activated.

Protection level II

The data is stored in a high-security server room. The data is stored on the target device using AES 256-bit encryption technology. Server room access is monitored and is logged 24/7. This standard complies with the EDI Ordinance dated March 22nd, 2017 regarding electronic patient records and is audited annually by an external company.


Upon request, a geo-redundant data backup can be offered.